Local Support Goes Full Circle: Here is a letter the NSPSF Project received and would like to share…

June 6, 2012 in Community News & Stories

Hi Jeff and Tina,
As I was paying our $100 contribution toward our total pledge I was reminded to contact you. I am pleased to report, as a Livingston business, we have already benefited greatly from the development of the Northside Park. This spring, we have had many customers who conveyed to us they were in town as a result of soccer, and between games, they are shopping Livingston. I am sure we will continue to see even more traffic as a result of the Phase 2 development.

The benefits of this development for our community are numerous, some of which are intangible. Timber Trails has benefited economically in a very direct and measurable way; more customers through the door supporting our business. Thank you for your tireless effort in bringing this great development to our community.

Dale Sexton