Night Owl Run

September 28, 2011 in Community News & Stories

If you have never experienced the Night Owl Run here in Livingston you are missing out! One of this year’s non-local participants, Jenna Vandenberg blogged about it on her running blog (http://runningthroughthisworld She gives a great overview of the race and Livingston. Here is an excerpt from her blog post:

This run had better be worth it, I’m thinking as I wind further and further south into Montana, putting even more hours between me and my friend’s house in Great Falls. Part of me wanted to bag the whole thing and just head up north. Small town races have the potential to be a little boring, especially if it’s not YOUR small town.

This was not the case with the Night Owl Run. It’s a good thing I’d kept the car trained towards Livingston…

Click here (http://runningthroughthisworld to read the rest and see a great picture of Livingston’s own Ted Madden in his award winning owl costume!