October is Adopt-a-Dog Month

October 11, 2010 in Community News & Stories

What can an adopted dog bring to your life? As many benefits as there are dogs! A dog can be an exercise buddy and motivator, a best friend and confidant for a child, perform in agility competitions, provide endless hours of entertainment, be a senior’s constant companion, hunt birds or herd cattle with you, lower your blood pressure, guard your home, warm your lap or feet, provide therapeutic assistance, and they’ll always greet you with great affection and no judgment. Stafford Animal Shelter has a wide range of dogs to choose from, stop by 11 am to 5 pm to meet them, or see them at www.staffordanimalshelter.org (http://www NULL.staffordanimalshelter NULL.org). Mention this notice and get $15 off all dog adoptions in October!

(http://www NULL.staffordanimalshelter NULL.org/)